We deliver scooters worldwide

We deliver scooters worldwide

we deliver scooters worldwide

International shipping


We deliver scooters worldwide. If you would like to purchase scooters for your Hotel, Resort and or rental office, we are happy to help you.
Most brands are available. The 50cc Scooters can come in 25km/h max or 45km/h max. Motorcycles are also available.
We can help you organise transport overseas.The Scooters or motorcycles can go in crates into the shipping containers.
You can choose to setup the vehicles yourself or we can make them turn-key ready for you.
Sooter Groothandel has numerous clients mainly in the ABC-Island region where we’ve made shipments of scooters to.

Scooters in Cardboard Crates

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If you would like a inquiry, please contact us!

General Phone number +31(0)252-745086

Jos Koelewijn (CEO) +31(0)6-48014098

Rianne Klinkenberg (CFO) +31(0)6-51370397

Email: info@scooter-Groothandel.nl


About Scooter-Groothandel
Scooter-Groothandel had been in business for over a decade. Our core focus is being a wholesale company in motorized vehicles. Scooter Groothandel only works Business to Business. We sell to 2 wheeler shops in the Netherlands and Belgium. We also sell to Scooter rental companies. You can either choose to setup the scooters yourself, but we can also make them turn key for you. We can offer you Gas powered and electric vehicles. Feel free to contact us for a question of drop us a message for a inquiry.